Life: Chapter 2

My thoughts: continuous change always happens in life, when we realize this, each change becomes another day of learning new ways of doing things. A positive attitude with hope towards the future is the best way to deal with ongoing change. If we resist it, or we don’t take the opportunity to grow and improve, unexpected change will destroy us. If we improve and change ourselves as needed in response to the unexpected change, we will build something better.

I believe this is the start of my Chapter 2 in life. Chapter 1 I felt like an observer, gaining experiences, learning lessons, exhausting myself, creating personal “success” then taking an unofficial “leave” reflecting and re-energizing – because honestly I barely had anything left to give anyone, I was depleted, so what I did give was very limited. I evidently needed time to prepare and improve myself because I became “paralyzed” in this stage and couldn’t manage to move forward. I would try, but I didn’t have the mindset to follow through for very long. At the same time, things around me started changing (and not in a positive way). This is when I realized: I’m seriously hitting rock bottom, or as close to rock bottom as I ever want to be and I stepped on the brakes. I need to take action and progress. I will not allow failure to consume me. I will not fail. It will take time and hard work, but I’m not giving up.

This is an end of the year (2018) realization as well as a goal setting time. I have goals that certainly won’t happen without my continued effort. My focus for 2019 is on:

  1. helping my kids prepare for building their future
  2. expanding my knowledge and experience in health, nutrition and fitness,
  3. continuing to improve the health and financial situations for others

I’m starting at ground level once again, but I have faith, hope and trust that God will lead me in the right direction and with His guidance and my perseverance; everything will fall into place.

I looked back at my 2018 goals, and if I had to honestly grade myself, I would give myself:

“B” – giving back to others: I think I could have done more; but I did improve compared to 2017

“B” – providing value/service to others; again I felt like I improved compared to 2017, but I could have done more

“C” – maintain consistency: this was no better than average, I really didn’t improve here

It’s been helpful tracking my progress, or lack there of and writing about it, because it can’t be ignored, it forces accountability.

I hope that anyone else, in a similar place as I am, looks forward with hope for the new year and actively works towards, and finds, success in 2019!

Happy New Year!

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