How to Create an Asset that Generates Income for You; and Increases Your Net Worth.

How often have you been led down a path by a person from a video or an article and you get to the end of it and think: “That was a waste of my time!” I know I have! But there are other times where you say: “Wow, that really opened my eyes to a different way of thinking!” I’m hoping by the end of this article, you reaction is the second reaction.

Mid December 2018, I was listening to a speaker who enlightened me this way (with the wow reaction) and hearing the speaker led me to read the book: The Four Year Career (by the way, it wasn’t the author speaking) This speaker and the book changed my mindset about Network Marketing. For the first time, Network Marketing was described, by a person who retired from Wall Street, as the vehicle to create an Asset providing residual value/an income, IF you commit to the business and don’t quit.

If you have a financial background or if you are a financial planner, this is not anything new, but I don’t believe the average (non financial) person would know this answer/value instantaneously: If you want a $5,000 per month income, what is the approximate amount you need invested to create this cash flow? Approximately $1 million is the answer. Then the next question is: when will you have $1,000,000 accumulated to invest? The average person probably feels defeated at this point, but there is a possibility to create a $5,000 per month income (or more, or less per month, based on effort) by building a network marketing business.

The steps to creating this income and personal growth opportunity are:

  1. Find a network marketing company that supports your personal values and offers products that you will use and love (if you don’t love the product(s), chances are no one else will either! The company that fits this for me is Arbonne International (for both reasons)
  2. Do the business meaning: Use the products, share the products and benefits with others and invite others to consider the business
  3. Create a team of 4 people who commit to doing the business exactly like you, then train and duplicate, having them do the same. It’s that simple. The most challenging part is finding the right people who want to do the business with you, that’s where the time from “start to success” is determined and too often people give up when it doesn’t happen quickly. Timing, Motivation and patience is everything!

I’ve created, and posted, a series of videos on YouTube with this information also, the link to my YouTube account is found clicking on the YouTube word.

There are many reasons a person could be motivated to do this business, such as: paying for college, providing for your family, getting healthy, helping others, creating wealth as a means to give back to others, retirement, current career path phasing out due to automation/technology, and so on.

If you have more specific questions about Arbonne International, the business, the products, the opportunity, or if you think this might be a networking opportunity for you, please contact me via FaceBook or Instagram or leave a comment below.

Wishing you success in 2019 and beyond!


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