“Love, Sex & Dating”

Wow!  I just finished this book and found the information so valuable that it was worth sharing: The New Rules for Love, Sex & Dating  (link to Amazon if you want to purchase) if only I had read this when I was 17! I highly recommend this book (written for both men and women audiences) if:

  • You’re single
  • You’re in a relationship
  • You’re married, yes even if you’re married!
  • You’re any age, thinking about dating soon
  • Your parents divorced
  • Your parents stayed married but weren’t the best relationship role models

The book discusses:  what love truly is, what love isn’t, what happens when sex is involved, the effect of American cultural influences and how to find “the right one”.  If you’re married or in a relationship, the book is still relevant because you can improve your relationship by applying the principles of love covered in the book and become “the right one” for each other, if that seems to be missing.

Finding “The Right One” Euphoria: (Chapter 1) everyone who experiences finding “the right one,” wants this to last forever: fun, exciting, effortless, passionate, great chemistry, nothing could top this, pure happiness – yet this is exactly where our greatest troubles can begin, if it’s truly not “the right one, the only one, the one we marry” and/or you or the other person is not prepared.

“Divorce statistics:  67% of second and 73% of third marriages end in divorce.”  Why? One or more people are not prepared for the commitment due to unresolved: dependency issues, addiction issues, relationship track record, financial issues, moral issues, etc.

Being Prepared:  (Chapters 2, 3 and 4) what does it take to be prepared for “finding the right one”?  We need to become “the right person” we seek.  All the qualities we want in “the right one” we need to exhibit in ourselves. The healthier we are for being in a relationship, the healthier our relationship will be.  Basically work on ourselves before seeking “the right one”.  “Like attracts like.”

Love. (Chapter 5) Many think we know what “love” means, but the book defines real love.  This love definition is something probably many of us heard before, but don’t stop when you read that, take the time to read further into the provided examples of how those words apply to your relationship.  Try a self examination to see if you are a person who truly exhibits “love.”  When I read it, it was clear that I had work to do.  Reading it, I wondered if anyone masters these traits, or is this something that we continually need to go back to for check ups, reminders of what it means to love?  To receive love, we need to give love.

And the following are probably better left to the book:

(Chapter 6) just for men.

(Chapter 7) “The Way Forward”

(Chapter 8 & 9) Sex

(Chapter 10) The Upcoming Year- action plan

This book may challenge and change your thoughts.  

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