2017 Goals in Review

Do you set personal goals every year? Then look back on them?

This is more of a random blog, from what I have recently posted, it’s a follow up to what I wrote exactly 11 months ago to this date in my blog, defining my personal goals for 2017 which came to mind again this evening, ironically, thinking about 2018.  It felt good to look at the goals I wrote a year ago and realize that I accomplished 95% of what I intended to do a year ago.  But from my perspective now, my goals could use a little elevation..more like a lot more elevation from 2017!  I guess that’s what growth is all about. Last year at this time, those goals were what I needed in my life, a year ago, but now it’s time to grow/push harder/further, make the goals more meaningful.  I think I gave myself the easy/feel good stuff to accomplish last year; not something that truly challenges me, it was more of a focus on quality of life; I certainly accomplished that, 2017 has been a year of fun and entertainment.

2018, for me, needs to be better though, a year with elevated goals; this is a little scary because results will be exposed at the end of the year once the goals are stated.  The things that matter to me haven’t changed, and I believe that we all need to make time for what matters in our lives, so I will continue incorporating time for these:

Faith | Family | Friends | Music | Outdoors | Travel | Architecture/Interior Design/Fashion | Health/Fitness | Personal Improvement

But for next year, the following needs more focus, here are my 2018 goals:

  1.  Increase the amount of “giving back”
  2.  Improve in providing value/service to others
  3.  Maintain consistency

It’s interesting looking back on a blog, especially when it’s about personal improvement, maybe I shouldn’t post this stuff!?

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