Career Paths We Choose


Some people are lucky and know at a young age what they want to be.  I, on the other hand, was not so lucky and when it came time for college, I had no clue what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to get a degree.


Financially, the cost of college was my responsibility so had to figure how to cover that.  My good fortune was having parents who were intelligent, so thankfully, some of that was passed down to me in the genes and I was able to get an academic scholarship along with a financial aid grant which enabled me to complete my first year of college. I don’t mind working, in fact, I started working when I was 12, first baby sitting then had various jobs once in high school:  restaurant, movie theater, retail and life guard.  During my first year of college I met a friend who worked as a bank teller part-time while attending college, so guess what my next job was…yes, a bank teller.

CAREER START- Architecture/Interior Design

My second year of college, I decided I wanted to be an architect, because I had a friend whose brother-in-law was an architect and I was intrigued by the projects he designed and the business of architecture and creating.  So I pursued that and was able to get a job with a small architectural firm through my friend’s brother-in-law while attending college.  In my third year of college, one of the professors suggested I join a larger firm to broaden my experience, so I did that.  I found that architectural firms have good financial times and bad financial times depending on the market and saw layoffs a few times.  It was tough going through those times because people you became really close to lost their jobs.  It made me feel uncomfortable, so I thought it might be less risky to work for an Interior Design Firm where the business might remain more constant, by not depending on new building construction.  This became my next job.  I was always a dedicated employee and would work “all-nighters” as we called them, whenever it was needed to finish a project. Literally we would work all night long, blast the music, have pizza delivered and work all night long ‘til we finished!  I put in tons of hours in architecture and interior design, made some great friends and enjoyed it, but knew this was not my final destination.

CAREER CHANGE – Real Estate and Development

I still loved real estate and was interested in the sales and leasing side of the business, but those were commission only based jobs, and I owned a house at that point, which made a commission only income a big risk.  I ended up going to school to get my real estate license while I was working full time in design.  I did this during off hours: on nights and weekends and then worked part-time at a residential real estate office, while still maintaining my full time job. I quickly realized that was not going to work out; I needed to work real estate full time to make a living doing this.  I found a job opportunity by talking with a real estate client who was leaving her job, so I applied for that position and luckily was hired, becoming a property manager.  One day, a mentor of mine and I were having lunch and he threw out the idea of a new position working for him on a redevelopment project where my responsibilities would be construction administration, leasing and property management. This was a dream come true and eventually, this is where I went.  Sadly, we didn’t have much time in this business together, he passed away unexpectedly before I was there for a full year.  This was a huge blow to me because not only was he my boss, but he was also a mentor whom I had known for many years; he had been like a father to me, so this was devastating to me.  At that time, I felt like things couldn’t get any worse, so I decided to take a risk and get a job in the real estate sales and leasing side, with a company he respected from prior conversations we had.  Once I was hired, it took a couple years to stabilize, but then it became the best job I ever had, one that I truly enjoyed and was successful with it and I will continue with this, but I think there is more to do in my life.


In life, there will always be change. That’s just a part of life, and knowing, accepting and embracing it leads to better things.  I also know being open to opportunities and continual improvement because change always occurs.  Businesses evolve and most of the time the changes that affect me are not ones I control, so to survive, I am open-minded to change.


This past year in my life, I’ve reflected on where I’ve been, what I’ve done and what creates happiness in my life.  I also questioned my purpose in life is?  I believe we all have a purpose but I still don’t feel like I’m at my final destination; there is more that can be done and I want to make what I contribute more meaningful for others.  If I look back at my path, what has motivated me most during my life has been “improvement”:  spatially, physically, and helping others improve.  I enjoy helping people reach their goals and that usually occurs through change!  I’ve had a lot of change during my life, and this has led me to be confident and positive during change, because it’s always worked out in the past.


When I look back on the jobs I’ve had, even though they are diverse, each job I ever had was one that a friend of mine told me about, my entire career!  This proves to me the most important part of my life has always been my friends! I recognize this is truly incredible and look out for my friends as well, when I see an opportunity for them.


In August, I moved to a new home and met my neighbor, and we simply hit it off right away.  I could tell that we would get along well very shortly after talking a few times.  I was super busy with renovating my home and furnishing it through October, working on it until 1 am then waking up at 5am to start the day.  It was intense.  Anyway, it turned out that she works for Arbonne International, so we talked more and during one conversation, at the last minute, she invited me to a meeting she was hosting.  I usually had a Bootcamp class, but wasn’t going that night, so I was available and attended the meeting. I was a little familiar with the company because several years ago, another friend of mine introduced me to Arbonne International, but it had been some time ago and I wanted to know more. After attending the meeting, I connected well with the company philosophy: “Pure, Safe and Beneficial” and liked their product line which are skin care, nutrition and cosmetics. What a perfect match for what I was seeking! It fit so well with what motivates me: “improvement” through nutrition, fitness and taking care of your skin.  My neighbor gave me various product samples and after using them, I liked the products, so much that I decided to buy some for my own use.  Usually when I find something I like; I tend to share that with others and the business side of the company is built around this!  So, I decided to explore more about the company and believed in their brand, so I recently joined the company after about a month of thinking about this.

My website is now live: and I’m on Facebook too: “Ann Dulle- Independent Arbonne Consultant” if you are interested in knowing more about the products, the company or opportunities; I’m happy to talk to you!

So, a new launch has just occurred for me and I’m excited about the direction because it’s all about health, wellness, nutrition, and organic products- improving my life and the lives of others!

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