“Hat Trick” = Camping, Music, Water!

Yes, we scored:  an incredible experience!  This post is a “Throwback Thursday” kind of post to August 28th 2015. This was an escape from stress at the time, because music usually makes things better!  It was a last minute decision to register for the Annual 93.7 The Bull Float trip, which is how most of the fun usually begins- spontaneously! I happened to be listening to the radio while working one day and heard the lineup, usually we have soccer game commitments every weekend, but that weekend was game free and there were no other commitments.

The Friday night lineup was Gloriana and Michael Ray, and Saturday was Drake White and Joe Nichols. I couldn’t wait to get there, but it was only a week away so I called to check if Ozark Outdoors still had availability, and thankfully, they did, but all that was left was individual inner tubes and a first come first serve campsite, so “let’s go” was my thought, we’ll just make the best of it!  A quick trip to the store to pick up some food, drinks and glow sticks, of course, was all that was needed.


So Friday we arrived mid-day and the campground facilities were very nice.


We went in and picked up the t-shirts,wristbands and registration package and were directed to the location of potentially available campsites.




As we drove to the camp sites, people were having a pretty good time and hitting it hard, so I was a little nervous how this was going to turn out, because most did not have kids with them.


We found a nice somewhat private site surrounded by trees amazingly and not too far from where the concerts would be.  As soon as we pitched the tent and got settled, we headed to concert.  We took bag chairs but really they were more of a nuisance because the crowd kept compressing.  These types of situations can either go well or terribly bad based on personalities, so if the personality is easy going, a “go with the flow” kind of person, all is good.

The concert was awesome!  Michael Ray had just released the Album “Michael Ray” which of course I bought the entire album after hearing just one song, and it continues to be one of my favorite albums!  I wasn’t as familiar with Gloriana, but did know a few songs and the show was great!.

Saturday was the float trip: “so wake up and head out!”  Luckily some of the staff noticed us, probably because we were the only ones with kids, and saw that we had individual tubes reserved and had a little empathy!


Fortunately, they worked it out and got a raft for us! Thank God!  That made it so much better!  The beginning of the float was another moment where I was rethinking if I made a mistake because of the kids ages and what is ahead of us on the river, but people were surprisingly very respectful and conscientious, telling the kids how lucky they were to have this experience.  We decided to skip “The Sandbar Stop” thinking we shouldn’t push our luck.  It ended up being a good time on the water.

A few of the water scenes we experienced:


Saturday night was Drake White, who has such a great personality and connected so well with the crowd, I only knew one of his songs at the time: “It Feels Good” and liked it as soon as I heard it because his voice was so different from everyone else and the music was too.  He is such a humble, down to earth, personable guy with great stories during the concert.


After a long day on the water, camping and then the concerts, by the time Joe Nichols was up, the youngest was getting restless, so we headed back to camp after only a few songs, but could still hear the music from the campsite.  It was probably good that we left the concert when we did as soon as we heard Joe Nichols start singing “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Come Off”, it was the right departure time for us!

A first time experience and the oldest wanted to come back- but with friends next time. 🙂

A beach trip, like this, next time!

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