October Outings


Hermannhof Winery- Herman, MO 2014 photo

October ranks near the top on my list of favorite months for getting outdoors in Missouri! The scenery and weather is so gorgeous, and there is so much to see and do, the month never seems long enough to fit it all in!  I love finding new things to do, places to visit and sharing great experiences. Today I visited www.visitmo.com and saw they do not have an Instagram (IG) account surprisingly, so I contacted the state and told them I’d like to help them promote Missouri, as a volunteer, because I’m passionate about the outdoors and Missouri has a lot to offer!

Castlewood State Park 2015 photos


This is a community collaboration opportunity, so if you love Missouri outdoors and want to help promote our state tourism, tag your awesome outdoor photos with #exploreMO (I didn’t find this tag being used yet on IG right now) and let everyone know where it’s located and what’s special about it.  Then the state will have sources for reposting and promoting.  I’ve just started this blog and don’t have many followers, so if you share this with others on social media, that would be awesome!  Happy Fall y’all!


One thought on “October Outings

  1. The IG site must have been under construction when I visited yesterday and contacted them, because there is an Instagram account showing up on their website now and they are promoting #MissouriAdventures @visitmo


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