The purpose in sharing my personal story is finding others who share similar passions,  a positive outlook, embrace change, have a desire to keep learning, improving and enjoy collaborating.  I envision the creation of something that I don’t believe exists today, by combining these passions and collaborating.  

My Lifetime Goal/Dream:   I have a grandiose dream of either creating or being involved with a luxury get away that provides a place for people to get healthy, relax, work on fitness and enjoy music – all without leaving the getaway place.  A place to recharge, reflect, relax, improve.


Loves everything outdoors with a passion for music, travel, fitness, nutrition, design and improvement. Ann is motivated by her Christian faith, daughter and son. Her career path is winding and continually evolving, having a core foundation built on improvement that began as an architectural, space planner, designer, turned property manager, turned developer, turned commercial leasing and transaction real estate agent, helping improve the functional and financial aspects for others in the Health Care sector. Her purpose in helping others has recently expanded beyond health care centered businesses, to individuals, by sharing her life experiences and providing resources for others to make a difference in their own lives.

Her personal social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Flipagram, YouTube, Facebook, Website blog)  can be found searching:  annm2705



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